let it sneaks into your heart

Sunday, June 2, 2013

hey people,
its been for a long time. so yeah. its been 8 months, im still stuck in this moments where i cant move on or even find someone better. its not that i didnt found someone better, i did. but it just i cant go on with it. i never want to hurt them so i ask them to let go of me. and i think that is way more better. i cant lie to myself neither i can lie to them. so whats the point? i cant having a relationship if my heart belongs to someone else. but i do appreciate them. its not that i miss you, somehow i feel so gave up. and i know there's no way we can be together. you are already with someone else and i bet you must forgot about me. and its been too long, if you want me you wouldnt hold up the truth for too long. you wouldnt. i miss you. i couldnt write anymore. bye.

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