let it sneaks into your heart

Sunday, January 22, 2012

hi people !
yes, its been a long time im gone .
well , currently im studying at technical school at Jasin, Malacca :)
electrical engineering.
yes, i dont know why but maybe because technical family background, i guess.

it just hard to say , that im gonna leave all this social stuff for a while.
leave my family, friends, my classmates, and my love.
hewhew. but for a great future, let just be simple.
we dont actually leave it forever , it just a while , aight ?

AliaNurAthirah, this girl, always been by my side,
tengok dia pun dapat teknik jasin jgak , tapi amik kos awam :)
tapi sama dorm dengan saya , kalau bangun pagi boleh dah nampak muka dia,
katil dia depan saya je ha :) it just so grateful ! (all praised to Allah!)

me and alia :)

well, actually . ni just na update blog je :) 
hewhew . k guyss , chow luu . goodbye :)