let it sneaks into your heart

Monday, September 3, 2012

Long distance relationship. Its aint easy, seriously aint easy.You always wonder did he missed you like you used to? The junior, of course. Phones are restricted. How sad. Because thats the only way you can have conversation with him. And there'll be no calls for no reason. No one to hear you. No one to cuddle. No, that is just no. Yeah, public phone. As you know, its public. And when the times there is no coin to change, he didnt pick up your call then your coin wasted by the voicemail or too many friends want to use it. So you have to ended up the calls. Seriously, it is sad. Totally sad. thats the moment you realized. You were so alone. Night breeze, moons shines, stars spakling. You just watch it all alone. And you're hoping that he will be beside you. it comes for real, but real in your dream. Tears falling, Nothing left to say. You just only need his hug. His long tight hugs. Forehead kiss. Thats what you really need. As you walk to your bed, you find out there is no him. Beside you. It just, you really want to cry out loud. You really need him. No goodnight wish, no goodnight kiss. No, there is nothing. It just you and the other roommates. Someday, when its happen too long. You become weak. Real weak. Someday, when you are fighting with him. And ended up the relationship because you cant stand with the pains. Its totally hurt. It kills you inside. Nobody hear you. Nobody understands you. You just cry it all alone till asleep. That moments, you're hoping all these shit things would not happen to you. But i just happen. And you cant turn back time. You just lost everything you have. Everything. Even your loved ones. 

With all her hearts,