let it sneaks into your heart

Monday, June 20, 2011

bubu :D

tomorrow !
yeahhh , its twenty-first babyy !
tapi esok pegi perkampungan ? whatsoever , haha
first , excited dohh , siap lompat , mule na piker pakai baju ape bagai ,
da lame-2 , lahai , bosan pulak aku . haha . tapi , sbb na 8A , mesti kene smgt ,
itsokeyy bebehhh , as long as u with me :D *mnympah aku >.<
ahhhhh , kene pack bnde sume . malassssss . sumpah !

keyybaiii , kene sidai baju =='
*padahal da petang .

Saturday, June 11, 2011

folio geo ==

i havent finish it yet ,
awful ryte ? 

bubu :D

im smiling right now and misses him so much ! :)

Thursday, June 9, 2011

loneliness :'(

this is what im feeling noww , 

this also what ive been listen and repeated it again and again , 

yuna - random awesome :'((

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

folio geo ==

u know what ?! 
geography's folio just make me piss off ! 
seriously , i just wanna burn all these stupido things :DD
huh >< 
i wanna go and get some sleeps 
and wake up and finish it , 
cause i dont want date with this little **** things anymore :DD
cruel aren't I ?

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

chewing gum ?

heyyy readers :)) ,
kenape dgn chewing gum ?
hmmm , neh la na cerite :)

ade satu hari tuh , aida lepakk dengan ajam , (lepak ke date? , haha ! ) , 
aida first tak minat sgt dgn chewing gum neh , makan pon untuk ilangkan ngantok , lagipon sbb penah marah mkn bnde neh , sbb klau perempuan mkn , tak nmpk manis la kan , tapi lepas ajam bagi tuhh , well , sedap sangat . HAHA ! sejak-sejak neh , asyik lah makan chewing gum :) lagipon untuk ilangkan rinduu :)

tapi , zulaikha nadiah ( bestfriend saya ) penah cakap , makan chewing gum ketika stady dapat menguatkan ingatan seseorang , kalau mcm aida makan chewing gum dapat mengingatkan aida tentang lepakk dgn ajam rituu :)

chewing gum neh taklah terok yang disangke , tapi , jangan lah buang merate-rate , cube kalau awak terpijak chewing gum dekat supra kesayangan ke heels kesayangan , tak ke bengang ? so , klau na buad tuh , piker kalau awak mnjadi salah seorang yg malang tuh , okeeyy ? 

thats all , sesiape yang terase , im soryy :) . tapi bnde neh bukan untuk memerli sesiape tau :)

aida hamizah yang mula meminati chewing gum :)

Monday, June 6, 2011

tired :(

im just too tired of what you've been done too me .
i miss you , and all i want is you , beside me :/

blueSANDS :/

Oh blue sands, can you tell me if I ever be happy?
Oh blue sands, can I stay here forever?
Oh blue sands, can you make them all go away?
Oh blue sands, what are you doing in my hair?

And everything will get better if I stay for a while
And we’ll find another way to be happy one day
And everything will get better if you hold on for a while
And the sea come and sweeps us away from here

Oh blue sands, will I ever get to marry my handsome friend?
Oh blue sands, can you make them understand?

Oh blue sands, I don’t want to go up there and pretend
I’m okay

I don’t hate you anymore

I don’t hate you anymore for the way you remind me of the person I cannot be
For the things I cannot have
I don’t hate you anymore when I look at you
All I see is the blue waves coming to get me and take me away

I don’t hate you anymore for the way you remind me of the things I cannot have
Oh blue sands will I ever get to be like you.


I can never really tell you why

I've been missing you a lot
And I just have to take another look of your photo in my wallet
Ad there's no reason why I keep your tshirt by my side when I sleep
Pretending you were never really gone

Its like a missing star that always ends up in your sky
Its like the rainbow never comes after the rain
Its like the sun never rises in every of your morning
How am I supposed to live without those things
they are all you 

*yuna-missing star 

imissyou .